Principal Investigator

Dr. Kyung Jae Lee

Dr. Kyung Jae Lee is Associate Professor of Department of Petroleum Engineering at the University of Houston. Her research topics include experimental characterization and computational modeling of subsurface systems where reactive transport occurs.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Jiahui You

Dr. Jiahui You started the role of postdoctoral researcher in Summer 2022. 


Ph.D. Students

Lotanna Ohazuruike

Lotanna Ohazuruike joined the group in Fall 2018. His research topic is the analytical modeling of heat flow and reactive transport in engineered barrier systems for nuclear waste disposal.


Xinwei Xiong

Xinwei Xiong joined the group in Summer 2018 (MS) and started PhD in Fall 2019. His research topic is the analytical and pore-scale modeling of clay swelling in subsurface energy and resources systems.


Xuan Yi

Xuan Yi joined the group in Fall 2021. Her research topic is the experimental and computational study of the mechanisms of wettability alteration by the interactions between kerogen and hydraulic fracturing fluid.


Thales de Oliveira Souza (M.S., 2022)
Thesis title: Reducing the Risk of Gas Leaks into the Ocean Floor Induced by Offshore Production Well Failure in the Gulf of Mexico

Jiahui You (Ph.D., 2022)
Dissertation title: Pore–Scale Reactive Transport Modeling of Subsurface Water–Rock Interactions

Floriane Youzan (M.S., 2021)
Thesis title: Numerical Simulation Study for Analyzing the Factors Affecting Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery

Xinwei Xiong (M.S., 2019)
Thesis title: Optimization of Injection Well Placement for Waterflooding in Heterogeneous Reservoirs using Artificial Neural Networks Coupled with Reservoir Simulation